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Become a volunteer

at De Sering

Do you want to help cook massive batches of food for the community kitchen?, serve food at climate actions? help out on People's Kitchen nights?

By joining our broadcast WhatsApp group you get access to the schedule and sign up for a first shift!

Would you rather try volunteering first before joining the whatsapp group?

You are always free to join us for the sunday prep session without signing up.


Every Sunday we all cook together to prepare food for the upcoming days. For example, for the People's Kitchen evenings, refugee organisations, and protests. If you want to help out you can simply come by on a Sunday.


Every Sunday our program is:

Cooking: 11:00-18:00

We eat lunch: 13:00

We eat dinner: 18:00


You can come by at the times that suit you best.

For questions,  send an email to 

Parts of De Sering are operated by open groups that collectively run a specific aspect of De Sering. If you want to participate in anything besides cooking, want to help with organising the place, and so forth, join a group!

At the moment you can join the following groups:

Event & social team

Whatsapp group: 


Outreach team

Whatsapp group: 

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