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De Sering is happy to be an open space for the exhibition of artworks. As a diverse public space, we are happy to promote the work of artists who are looking for a different platform to present their pieces.

We are an unmanaged space and advocate for artists to use their own experience to design and install their expo.

Expos are open for five weeks at a time. Please contact us for availability.

We do not charge for the exhibition of works but request a 10% commission from any pieces sold during the expo.

For more specific information on the expo space and what we can expect from one another, contact us via .

Did you want to organise an expo opening or an event in combination with your works? You can find out more about how we organise events here

The Space

See below for images of the available space and examples of previous expos.

Artist details from the examples are available on request.

Specific dimensions can be measured by the artist but more generally the wall measures as follows:

  • Full height 3,5m

  • Right side 3,5m

  • Left side 5m

  • From brick line 2,3m (how low the works should hang from the ceiling)

A public space, community kitchen, and host to your initiatives. 

The beating heart of De Sering. A community kitchen that serves two courses and homemade bread for 2.50,-

The in house coffee pop-up of De Sering. The best coffee in Amsterdam for the best price. 

The experimental  restaurant of De Sering. A weekly changing three or seven course menu, natural wines and cocktails

De Sering is host to a great scala of events and initiatives. Check here to find out what's going on and how your idea can be among the list!

Both De Sering & TestTafel are available for catering. From intimate ten courses at home to thousands of meals on the barricades.

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