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Subcult is the in-house coffee pop-up of De Sering. Every weekday you can get some of the best coffee and bites in Amsterdam between 09:00 and 17:00. 

Besides serving amazing coffee, Subcult organises events like clothing swaps and boozy brunches. For more info, you can check their website or instagram.

A public space, community kitchen, and host to your initiatives. 

The beating heart of De Sering. A community kitchen that serves two courses and homemade bread for 2.50,-

The in house coffee pop-up of De Sering. The best coffee in Amsterdam for the best price. 

The experimental  restaurant of De Sering. A weekly changing three or seven course menu, natural wines and cocktails

De Sering is host to a great scale of events and initiatives. Check here to find out what's going on and how your idea can be on the list!

Both De Sering & TestTafel are available for catering. From intimate ten courses at home to thousands of meals on the barricades.

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