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Organizing an event

Want to have an event with us?!

Please familiarise yourself with the event types below so that we can answer your needs better and faster before filling out the form below or sending an email to!

When organizing an event with us, De Sering takes the role of the host and you as the external party play the role of the organizer. You are in charge of the agenda, music, security, set-up & cleaning. We offer technical support with a fee of 35 an hour and need to be informed of this requirement in advance. Please take into account our capacity of 275 people and closing time of 03:00 am at the latest. If you want to extend these parameters permits can be requested.


We take care of any food and drinks (wine pairing, cocktails, soft drinks, tea, coffee) – tell us your needs, and we will make sure your guests are happy. If you want our bar to be open outside our regular hours (past 23:00), there is a minimum bar income of €150 per hour.


De Sering is a public space and we try to make it available to everybody.

Below you can find what we have going on daily. When asking for availability keep in mind that we want our regular service to go as smoothly and uninterrupted as possible. 


TestTafel - 7-course experimental weekly menu 

Wednesday - Saturday, 18:30-21:30


People’s Kitchen - Two courses and homemade bread

Lunch - weekdays, 12:00-14:00, €6 per person

Dinner - Monday - Thursday, 18:00-21:00, donation between €2.50 - €7.50


Bar - a variety of drinks including home-made sodas and cocktails!

Monday - Saturday, 17:00-21:00


Subcult café - bites, snacks, and coffee

Monday - Friday, 9:00-16:00

A public space, community kitchen, and host to your initiatives. 

The beating heart of De Sering. A community kitchen that serves two courses and homemade bread for the price of your donation. 

The experimental  restaurant of De Sering. A weekly changing seven course menu, natural wines and cocktails

The Bar of De Sering serves natural wines, local beers and homemade drinks and cocktails six days a week.
Coffee & bites
De Sering's very own coffee bar with weekly bites.  

De Sering is host to a great scale of events and initiatives. Check here to find out what's going on and how your idea can be on the list!

Both De Sering & TestTafel are available for catering. From intimate ten courses at home to thousands of meals on the barricades.

Private events (Party and/or dinner)

18:00-01:00 on weekdays, 18:00-03:00 on weekends, starting from 22:00 if no dinner is included

These events can entail anything from a birthday party, a PhD celebration or a party for your organisation or association. In the case of a private event, our venue is closed to other guests. You may sell tickets to your selected audience or work with an RSVP system but please let us know approximately how many people will be attending.

This evening can include dinner and a party or just a party or just a dinner. This dinner may also be completely private with the expectation that you will meet an income of €5500 for the dinner portion of the evening (bar income guarantee applying as usual). 

Or you may place a reservation to dine at TestTafel with us before your party with a group of up to 60 people, meaning the restaurant will remain open to the public until approximately 23:00. See below for more about large dinner reservations.

(Large) group reservations at TestTafel

18:30-21:30, Wednesday-Saturday

TestTafel is a 7-course, experimental weekly menu created by our chefs and inspired by cuisine from all over the world!

This applies to reservations for and over 10 people. You may place a large reservation before your private party instead of having a private dinner. We can host you in a semi-private space on request for groups up to 40 or we can seat you as a private group within our restaurant. When dining with a large group we ask for a set price of €45 per person instead of our usual donation system of €35-75, we ask one person to pay on the evening or via invoice. In regards to drinks for your group, we can create a tab, give you drink tokens, or participants can pay individually. If you are a group of 60 or more, please refer to the private events section.


Public events (Parties)

22:00-01:00 on weekdays, 22:00-03:00 on weekends, see below for day-time public events.

These events can entail anything from a high-energy techno party to a relaxed dub event. You may use the sound equipment we have available for a fixed price or arrange your own. You may arrange your ticket/RSVP system on the platform of your choice, sell tickets at the door or ask for a donation-based entry. We will always arrange a dinner-party reservation link to encourage guests to dinner and party back to back! (dinner service goes till 21:30)


Day-time (public or private) events

Between 09:00-17:00 (Monday to Saturday) with the possibility of extending into the evening to include dinner and/or a party.

This can range from small markets to workshops, lectures, meetings, presentations, festivals, or whatever else you need a space for, we’ve got you! On weekdays we have our regular lunch service between 12:00-14:00 which your guests can join but will always be open to the public and on request, we can serve lunch on Saturdays as well!


(Cooking) Pop-ups

14:00-23:00 on Mondays only

Have you ever dreamed of having your own restaurant? Well, at our venue you can live out that dream for a day. We are happy to welcome other chefs or passionate home cooks to make use of our professional kitchen, free of charge. A pop-up dinner consists of 34 seats in our restaurant for you to fill and a place for up to 3 chefs to cook in our kitchen. We just ask that you do not bring your own drinks and a €75 cleaning fee. You may arrange the tickets and RSVP system however you like with the possibility of us selling tickets via our website for you!

*De Sering is an open space and facilitator, this means that we see it as our task to offer our space for free to anyone who wants to organize something. Pop-up dinners can also be used to raise funds for a given cause or organisation. (Socially, community or politically oriented within the bounds that we are in line with the motivations).

Parfois_36 (1).jpg


18:00-23:00 (Monday-Tuesday), 21:30-23:00 (Wednesday-Thursday)

Do you have a film project you would like to share with friends, peers or a public audience? Well, you can do that here. We have a projector with a dedicated space for up to 50 people to sit back and watch together. Please note that we may not play any films we do not have permission or license to!

I want to use the space!
Help us out by sending your request through this form. You will receive an answer via email as soon as possible!


Thank you for filling out adequately!

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