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Both De Sering & TestTafel are available for catering. From intimate seven course meals at home to thousands of meals on the barricades.

Through the combination of De Sering and TestTafel we can provide for most catering needs. We have years of experience with cooking on the strangest locations with minimal resources. 

Cooking for the XR rebel week 2020

A public space, community kitchen, and host to your initiatives. 

The beating heart of De Sering. A community kitchen that serves two courses and homemade bread for 2.50,-

The experimental  restaurant of De Sering. A weekly changing seven course menu, natural wines and cocktails

The Bar of De Sering serves bites and snacks, beers and homemade drinks and cocktails six days a week.
The in house coffee pop-up of De Sering. The best coffee in Amsterdam for the best price. 

De Sering is host to a great scale of events and initiatives. Check here to find out what's going on and how your idea can be on the list!

Both De Sering & TestTafel are available for catering. From intimate ten courses at home to thousands of meals on the barricades.

Action kitchen catering

De Sering has been cooking on a large scale under extreme circumstances for years. From lunch packets that can be carried onto a blockade, to handing out soup for those coming out of jail. We offer our food for the variable price of between 2.50- and 7,50- per meal. We encourage organisations to choose a price that fairly fits their budget.

Action kitchen food can also be ordered for smaller scale trainings, meetings and courses.

Organisations or groups that are activist in some way can pick up two course meals (soup and main course) for a donation of between 2.50- and 7,50- per person. We vacuum seal the food for easy transport and have induction plates, pans, plates and cutlery available if this is required.


More information about the options and answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here.


Interested in the possibilities? Send an email to .

Hundreds of meal packets ready for the blockade!

TestTafel Catering

TestTafel is available for all your catering requirements. Weddings, birthdays, company events or festivals, all lie within the realm of possibility!


How many guests? Anything from a cozy ten guests at home to a massive crowd of thousands at a festival.


What kind of food? Anything between a 10 course menu with wine pairing and a simple lunch.

An indication of our prices (excluding possible costs for transportation, labour and available facilities on location):

- Seven course menu: 45- per person.

- Five course menu: 40- per person.

- Three course menu: 35- per person.

See more detailed information here.

Interested in the options? Send an email to .

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