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The volunteer update page!

On this page you can find some practical information,  Upcoming socials and events, various trainings we offer and links to chats / calenders

Practical information

I want to help out for the first time

How helping out for the first time works is explained in the FAQ and guide to De Sering. You can find that document here

Standard week schedule

This is our standard week schedule. Depending on events the week may look different. 

Practical information

Sering volunteer roster - Google Sheets_

Upcoming socials and events

Sunday open social (Every Sunday 18:00 - 21:00)

Every Sunday you are welcome to join us for some food, a drink, a board game or some dancing (or whatever else catches your / our fancy. 

Having a blast party (23/02)

More info and signup here

On Friday the 23rd of February, De Sering is organising and hosting its own fundraising party! In classic De Sering style, this evening can be anything you want it to be: with both TestTafel and Volkskeuken food, live music, performances, DJs and games


What are we fundraising for?

We are making more and more food at De Sering. Many weeks we now serve up to a thousand meals! While we would like to cook more we are running into a big equipment problem that caps the amount of food that we can cook, cooling! 
When we cook all those hundreds of liters of food on Sunday (and many other day’s) we also make hundreds of liters of very hot problems that need to be cooled down as quickly as possible. The coolers that we have can no longer handle this amount of food, and we need a specialized machine, the chill blaster, to solve this problem. A chill blaster is a kind of reverse oven, capable of cooling vast amounts of food really quickly. 
Now that it's winter we can cool our food outside. But if we don't find another solution before march we need to reduce the amount of food we can cook and serve. 
So help the fundraiser! Come by yourself, bring all your friends, tell your friends to bring their friends.

Socials and events


The cooking lessons (every Sunday)

Dates and signup here

Do you want to deepen your cooking craft? in five sessions we'll go through all the basics. useful for both the experienced and less experienced cooks. The first 4 sessions can be taken out of order. Session five can be taken if you have completed all three other sessions.

Bar training (at least once a month)

Dates and signup here

During this training you will learn how to operate the bar, but also how to prepare our homemade alcohol free drinks and cocktails.  You will also learn how to use the production system to add new drinks to the menu! 

Host and coordinator training (at least once a month)

Dates and signup here

The host and coordinator share responsibility of a Sering activity. The coordinator is responsible for the kitchen and volunteers, the host is responsible for the guests, people organizing events and the dining hall in general. 


Groupchats & calenders

Open chat

For sharing photos, asking questions, or anything else you want to share. Click here

Helping out

The chat in which the volunteer schedule is published and request for help are made. You can join the chat here

Social/event circle

The group that organises and facilitates events for volunteers/staff and for De Sering in general. This circle meets every tuesday between 20:30 - 21:15. You can join their chat here

Outreach circle

The group that works on reaching out to new groups of people to come to De Sering and/or organise their events here. The circle meets every tuesday between 19:00 - 10:45. You can join their chat here


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