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This is the staff update page! here you can find all the upcoming socials, staff events and trainings.



- 28/11: Cocktail course (14:30 - 16:30)

This course will be about making and designing big batch cocktails. The training is given by Wouter, someone with pretty extensive experience in this field. Signup and info here

- Every sunday: Cooking lessons

Do you want to deepen your cooking craft? in five sessions we'll go through all the basics. useful for both the experienced and less experienced cooks. 

The first 4 sessions can be taken out of order. Session five can be taken if you have completed 2 other sessions. You can find the schedule and sign up here

Upcoming socials/events

Upcoming socials/events/meetings

-12/12: Sering cooks night (17:00 - late)

The first edition of De Sering cooks night! On this night we invite cooks (both experienced and not experienced) to come and cook, experiment, and help each other improve our dishes. You can sign up here

-12/11: Mario kart time! (13:00 - 17:00) The second edition of the mario kart real life multiplayer session! You bring your own: Switch+game; optionally: dock+power brick for playing on monitor. If you have never played or don’t own a Switch don’t worry, you will definitely find someone to join or you can use my Switch!

-12/11: Sewing circle (15:00 - 18:00) Have a sewing or crafting project you've been meaning to do for ages? Bring your supplies (fabrics, sewing machines, any other sort of witchcraft you like) and join to see if we can make those project ideas into reality. No skills or experience required.

-26/11, Turning De Sering into a association meeting (18:30 - 20:00) The first in a series of sessions. De Sering is meant to be an association where the members are the final authority over the project. Getting this up and running is a large task, but we now seem to have some more time to pick it up. During these meetings we'll talk about practical considerations like; How often should we have a general meeting?, should members pay contribution? when and how do members vote?. During this first session we will gather all of these questions and plan the sessions for tackling them.




Testtaf/sering (groupchat)

For sharing photos, asking questions, or anything else you want to share. Click here

TestTafel shifts

The chat where shifts are posted and requests for replacements are made. Click here

Photo dump

The chat where you can drop all your pictures. Click here


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