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The volunteer update page!

On this page you can find all the upcoming volunteer/staff events, updates and trainings, and the links to various chats.

Upcoming socials/events/trainings

-Turning De Sering into a association meeting 2 (membership)    07/01     (18:30 - 20:00)    "The second in a series of sessions. This one will be about membership of De Sering. We will get into questions like: How do you become a member, do you have to pay to be a member, and are volunteers automatically a member. 
*What are these meetings?* De Sering is meant to be an association where the members are the final authority over the project. Getting this up and running is a large task, but we now seem to have some more time to pick it up. During these meetings we'll talk about practical considerations like; How often should we have a general meeting?Should members pay a contribution? When and how do members vote?. During this first session we will gather all of these questions and plan the sessions for tackling them.

- Sering Host & coordinator training    10/12    (18:30 - 20:00)    Want to become a host or coordinator at De Sering? Then join this training! The host and the coordinator run sering nights together. The host is responsible for all public facing responsibilities (welcoming new guests, working with events, the state of the room) and the coordinator is responsible for all happenings behind the bar and in the kitchen (welcoming new volunteers, helping people out that struggle with their task, training new volunteers, enz). You can also join this training out of interest. No signup is required

- Cooking lessons session 4 (Improvisation in the kitchen)  03/12    (14:30 - 18:00)    Do you want to deepen your cooking craft? in five sessions we'll go through all the basics. useful for both the experienced and less experienced cooks.

The first 4 sessions can be taken out of order. Session five can be taken if you have completed all the other sessions. You can find the schedule and sign up here:

- Sering cooks night!    12/12    (17:00 - late)    The second edition of De Sering cooks night! during the cooks night fanatical homecooks and professional chefs from inside and outside our organisation come together to do some cooking, work on dishes they want to improve and get some feedback if they wish. You can sign up here  

- Christmas Crafty Chaos      17/12       (15:00 - 21:00) Come join us for Christmas Crafty Chaos, a workshop event orgnised by many of our volunteers. Enjoy a classic de Sering donation based meal, grab a cup of hot glühwein and take part in our many workshops (no signup required)


Weekly events

- Every tuesday at 20:00: Intro to De Sering

Interested in the plan and background of De Sering? Have some burning questions? You can join for a 30 minute intro to De Sering talk at 20:00 on tuesday. Ask one of the volunteers present for the coordinator

- Every sunday: Cooking lessons

Do you want to learn more about cooking? In this course you learn the toolset to become a better cook at home, learn more about cooking independently and the things you need to know if you want to contribute recipes to De Sering! 

The first 4 sessions can be taken out of order. Session five can be taken if you have completed all the other sessions. You can find the sign up here

Upcoming socials/events/trainings
Weekly events


Open chat

For sharing photos, asking questions, or anything else you want to share. Click here

Helping out

The chat in which the volunteer schedule is published and request for help are made. You can join the chat here

Social/event circle

The group that organises and facilitates events for volunteers/staff and for De Sering in general. This circle meets every tuesday between 20:30 - 21:15. You can join their chat here

Outreach circle

The group that works on reaching out to new groups of people to come to De Sering and/or organise their events here. The circle meets every tuesday between 19:00 - 10:45. You can join their chat here


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