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vr 13 okt



V&V Halloween Horror Night Special

V&V Halloween Horror Night Special
V&V Halloween Horror Night Special

Tijd en locatie

13 okt 2023, 22:00 – 14 okt 2023, 03:00

Amsterdam, Rhoneweg 6, 1043 AH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over het evenement

Dinner and party tickets here.

Party only tickets here.

Friday, the 13th - a day you wish that never existed. A day, so close to All Hallow's Eve, it pierces marrow and bone. A day so frightening, it sends cold shivers up and down your spine. It's that time of the year when the fearsome, nightmarish and unpredictable figures of the night come together. And this time, they will take you on a hair-raising and blood-curdling excursion:

Prepare yourself for the ultimate V&V Halloween Horror Night Special.

From the return of the living dead to outrageous live entertainment - you better not miss our ooky spooky late summer slasher camp spectacle. We will start off the evening with a ghoulish Halloween dinner before we head into the darkest hours of the night trick-or-treating to some eerie techno tunes. There's only one rule: You must dress up.

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