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Fri, 23 Feb



Having a Blast Party

On the 23rd of February, we are officially inviting you to have a blast with us! Help us in raising funds for a crucial addition for our kitchen...

Having a Blast Party
Having a Blast Party

Time & Location

23 Feb 2024, 17:00 – 24 Feb 2024, 03:00

Amsterdam, Rhoneweg 6, 1043 AH Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the event

Dear Supporters, Friends and anyone looking for a good time,

On the 23rd of February, we are officially inviting you to have a blast with us, on this rare occasion De Sering is organising and hosting its own party! In classic de Sering style, this evening can be anything you want it to be: with both TestTafel and Volkskeuken food, music, performances, and games - all we need is you! 




Buy your party ticket here 

The party itself is from 22:00 onwards but you can join us for a drink any time from 17:00, just make sure to reserve a table if you would like to eat and if not the bar will be open and our special cocktails will be served the whole night!

But this isn't just any party — it's a gathering with a purpose! We're on a mission to raise funds for a Blast Chiller, a crucial addition to our kitchen that will help us continue providing mouthwatering meals to our community. (Read more about this magical machine and why we need it below)


17:00: Grab a special cocktail

19:00: Food is served: Testtafel and Volkskeuken (with reservation)

21:30 Fire performance

22:00 Live music

23:00 Raffle announcement

23:30 Various DJs

01:00 Fries!

*More details and official lineup will follow!

But why do we need a Blast Chiller? You may ask…

Every day, we work on improving and growing to give back to the community by sharing food. Without our dear friends and supporters, this would not be possible. To take us a step further, we are in need of a new crucial addition to our kitchen: a blast chiller. Every week, we prepare 600 to 1200 dishes for activists, refugees, guests, family and friends. To ensure that we can serve this food and avoid any waste, these substantial portions of soup, curry, and other dishes need to be cooled properly.

In a community kitchen like ours, the Blast Chiller acts as a magic fridge for chefs; it rapidly cools large amounts of hot food, keeping it safe and tasty for more people to enjoy. It's like having a superhero for your kitchen, preventing food waste and ensuring as many guests as possible can share our community meals. The Blast Chiller will allow us to keep our hundreds of litres of soup, for example, out of the temperature danger zone. This is the area in which if a food stays, bacteria becomes more likely to form and the food becomes unsafe and needs to be thrown away.

Overall the benefits of this fantastic invention are:

  • That all nutrients are retained in the cooled food
  • The quality of the food is maintained, while being rehated and chilled several times
  • The shelf life of prepared food is prolonged
  • Bacteria is prevented from growing rapidly
  • The efficiency of the kitchen is increased as they can cool and store prepared meals much faster

Of course, we're not asking for your support without offering something in return. First and foremost, we want to invite you on the 23rd of February to have a blast with us. On this rare occasion, De Sering is organizing and hosting its own party! In classic De Sering style, this evening can be anything you want it to be: featuring both TestTafel and Volkskeuken food, music, performances, and games - all we need is you! All profits from the night will go straight to our new investment.

Any additional support is immensely appreciated as we strive to achieve our goal of raising 8,000 euros. Simply ask at the bar if you would like to make a further donation!

De Sering is a people's kitchen, public space, and whatever you want to make of it:

We aim to create a space for togetherness. Space that is available free of charge, or as cheaply as possible, for the ideas and initiatives of the community. We are home to the People's Kitchen, experimental restaurant TestTafel, coffee pop-up Subcult, and loads of events organised by our guests. In order to further our capabilities as we look towards a new year, considering how much we have grown in the past year, this piece of equipment is an essential to keep our kitchen functioning and sustainable because who wants to waste precious food?

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