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How does it work here?

De Sering is a people's kitchen, public space, and whatever you want to make of it - check our weekly schedule and read more below about everything we do...

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*Please note that Volkskeuken/People's Kitchen is also available on any given day for dinner on request.

De Sering is a people's kitchen, public space, and whatever you want to make of it. 

We are the home of TestTafel and Subcult, welcome many different events, and cater anything from thousands of action meals to a 10-course menu on location.


Our bar is open for coffee and drinks, Monday - Saturday between 09:00 and 23:00. Please check below the specific opening times for People's Kitchen, lunch, TestTafel, our bar, and Subcult coffeebar!

A public space, community kitchen, and host to your initiatives. 

The beating heart of De Sering. A community kitchen that serves two courses and homemade bread for 2.50,-

The experimental  restaurant of De Sering. A weekly changing seven course menu, natural wines and cocktails

The Bar of De Sering serves natural wines, local beers and homemade drinks and cocktails six days a week.
The in house coffee pop-up of De Sering. The best coffee in Amsterdam for the best price. 

De Sering is host to a great scale of events and initiatives. Check here to find out what's going on and how your idea can be on the list!

Both De Sering & TestTafel are available for catering. From intimate ten courses at home to thousands of meals on the barricades.

Location - Where can you find us?

De Sering is situated at theatre-workspace De Sloot:

Rhoneweg 6,  just a few minutes walk from Sloterdijk Station!

Kitchen opening times

People's Kitchen Lunch (weekdays, 12:00 - 14:00)

Two courses and homemade bread for 6.00,-

People's Kitchen Dinner (Monday-Thursday, 18:00 - 21:00)

Two courses and homemade bread for a donation between 2.50,- and 7.50,-

Bar (Monday - Saturday, 17:00 - 21:00)

All your favourite drinks, homemade sodas, cocktails and natural wines!

TestTafel ( Wednesday - Saturday,  reservation required for 19:00 required)

7-course dinner: a weekly experimental menu with globally inspired cuisine for a donation between 35,- and 75,-

Subcult bites and snacks (Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 16:00) 

You can contact us via e-mail:

You can follow us on Instagram: @de_sering and @testtafel


If you have lost something here, please visit us or get in contact via e-mail.

We are a facilitator

De Sering is a public space. This means that we see it as our task to offer our space for free to anyone who wants to organise something. This can be a social or community-oriented event, but it can also be a political event.


Our limits on political events are simple: Hate speech, racism, and far-right ideology are not welcome. This still leaves political subjects on which our community and guests can have very strong, diverging opinions. It is therefore important to understand that we as a space merely facilitate and do not necessarily agree or hold the same sentiments; we are a host and not an organiser.


If you feel that an event we facilitate is promoting hate speech, racism, or far-right ideology then let us know through and we will contact you back with priority.

Upcoming events

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